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One For The Garden

Seasonal Tips from the Book Of Shadows

Green Tomatoes Wrapped to Red

When the first frost arrives, most gardeners still have green tomatoes on the vine. There is no reason to sacrifice those beauties to the weather.

Turning a green tomato into a red tomato is easy.

What to do:

You must pick green tomatoes before the first frost. News Papers and the Weather Channel always post frost advisories. You must pick your tomato before frost touches it, or it will be ruined.

Individually wrap the tomatoes in News Paper, or a paper bag.

Place the wrapped tomatoes in the garage or cool basement - no hotter than 55 degrees.

The tomatoes will slowly ripen to red over several weeks - be patient, and don't worry, they won't rot.

Other Methods :

Pull up the entire tomato plant - with the tomatoes still on it, and hang it upside down in a garage or basement. Pick the tomatoes when they ripen.